Jeremy Sosa

Jeremy Sosa | La Hacienda

Business Development-San Antonio/Kerrville

Jeremy Sosa has represented La Hacienda Treatment Center since 2012 in the San Antonio and Kerrville markets.

“La Hacienda has allowed me to grow where I’m planted,” says Jeremy. “It’s been the perfect job for this chapter of my life. I’d say it’s clearly been a good fit.”

Bitten by the Acting Bug

As with many people in recovery, Jeremy was looking for a hobby, something to keep him busy.

He’d done theater work as a youth, so he volunteered to help with the community theater in Kerrville. He auditioned for a production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado,” ended up in the chorus, and has stayed active since.

Jeremy came home with a national excellence in acting award when Kerrville troupe advanced to the 2019 finals of the American Association of Community Theater’s biennial competition in Gettysburg, PA.

Acting Aids Recovery and Community Involvement

Jeremy finds working in theater to be beneficial on multiple layers.

“It’s been a big part of my recovery; both because it’s given me a hobby to be passionate about, and it’s allowed me to become part of the greater Kerrville community and theatre across the state and country.”

“Theater allows you to answer essential questions: Who am I? Who is my community?” he adds.

But His Recovery Talk is No Act

When it comes to talking to others about recovery, however, Jeremy is not pretending to be someone else. It’s his story, his challenges.

“The most important thing I can share is the truth of my experience—the real, raw, beautiful, often ugly truth. I know the truth when I hear it, deep in my stomach. And I can always relate to the next guy’s human experience because it’s my experience too.”

“My bridge to recovery, over and over, was built upon those two little words: ‘me too.'”