Manning Reed, LVN

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Manning Reed, LVN

Manning Reed has been a part of the La Hacienda Nursing Department since 2003.

Born and raised in Houston, he majored in petroleum management at the University of Texas as Austin and worked as a certified professional landman for 20 years.

He came to La Hacienda as a patient in 1998 and has been sober since then. The experience led him to change careers and become a nurse.

Manning went to nursing school in Kerrville and worked at Sid Peterson Memorial Regional Hospital for a couple of years before joining the La Hacienda nursing staff.

Nursing Staff Treats with Dignity and Respect

Manning and the other members of the nursing staff treat their patients with dignity and respect.

Their close observation is especially important during the medically supervised detoxification process, when patients need unquestioning support.

Once patients enter the clinical treatment phase, Manning and other nurses continue to check vital signs and take care of more routine medical concerns.

Watching the Sparkle Come Back

Patients’ improvement as they go through the program makes the work worthwhile for Manning.

“It is a privilege to work with people as they arrive needing help and then watch them as they heal, and the sparkle comes back to their eyes.”

Manning has a daughter will graduate high school in 2023 and plans on entering college.