Newell Bentley

Newell Bentley | La Hacienda

Director of Alumni

Newell Bentley loves helping families and supporting patients.

Born in Temple, raised in Palestine, educated in Austin, Newell has lived all over Texas and Colorado. But La Hacienda “feels like home” to him.

“A lot of family members have been through these gates, including me. That makes me feel like home is right here.”

As Director of Alumni, Newell gets to pass along his experience to new arrivals while supporting former residents. During a typical day, Newell teaches classes, interacts directly with individuals, and makes a dozen calls to alumni.

He also helps connect alumni events across the state of Texas, which he considers an important part of the treatment.

“I am always trying to get patients after they leave here to join those support groups. Everyone has a story. Bad stuff happens, but you can’t use that as a reason you can’t do something. I won’t let you stay in misery; I’ll show you a way out.”

Newell’s personal story reinforces the importance of continuing support.

“I’m what they call a relapsed person. I was very stubborn and I had to go to the school of hard knocks. I stayed out for a couple of years until I was ready to actually do what people told me to do.”

It is a journey that has served him well in his position.

“I’ve worked my way back up. I married a woman in recovery, and I ended up getting a job here and moving back, which I never thought would be possible. I am really loving working in treatment and helping people and their families when they need support.”

When not working with alumni, Newell loves to spend time with his wife, Paige, and hunt and fish with his dog.

“I’m a Texas boy. I love being outdoors and grew up hunting and fishing. Part of recovery was letting me get back to doing those things. La Hacienda shows you how you can enjoy life again.”