Ottis Layne, MD

Ottis Layne, MD

Ottis Layne, MD

Dr. Ottis Layne brought 36 years of emergency room experience with him when he joined the La Hacienda medical team in September 2009. The Kentucky native holds a medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine and is board-certified in Emergency Medicine, Addiction Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine. He completed his undergraduate education at Harvard University. Dr. Layne and his wife, Sally, live in Fredericksburg.

Medical Care is Special at La Hacienda

Two things make medical care at La Hacienda unique, says Dr. Layne. “First, the manner in which the doctors engage in patient care. I know of no other treatment center at which doctors see the patients every day, maintaining a closeness and care with them like nowhere else.” “Second, La Hacienda has an openness to spirituality that you don’t find elsewhere. We don’t just acknowledge it; we act on it. We pray for and with our patients.”

Leads Volunteer Medical Mission

In his spare time, Dr. Layne extends that philosophy further. Since 1986, he has led volunteer groups to Mission de Candelilla, a non-denominational Christian medical mission serving nine villages in northern Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert. He and the other members of the mission project provide medical and spiritual support to the hard-working people who struggle to make a living on co-operative ranches in the beautiful, arid back country of Coahuila and Chihuahua.

And He’s a Published Author

Dr. Layne has written several books about his experiences and vocation. In 2011 he wrote Changing Lives on Both Sides of the Border: Twenty-five years of Mission de Candelilla, about his mission work in Mexico. And recently he authored The Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner’s Guide to Burnout: 20 Lessons That Apply to Anyone Concerned About Burnout, released in 2021.