Patti Sulivan

Patti Sulivan | La Hacienda

Business Development – Houston

Patti Sullivan has represented the La Hacienda in Houston and the surrounding area since 2017.

Patti’s previous work for 33 years with movers and shakers in the petroleum industry led her around the world, but  it also encouraged her drinking habit. “I was a buck-wild, crazy girl, but I was also lucky. My dad never gave up on me. He was very patient.”

It’s Not Work if You Love It

Her father also forecast her next career.

“He told me, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.'”

His advice became her reality when she started working in the treatment industry.

Meeting People is Rewarding

Patti says meeting people and working with a network of treatment professionals is rewarding because it helps people begin the recovery process.

Building those professional relationships is a labor of love for her, “not to mention the friendships I have made along the way.” She also loves participating in Houston-area alumni meetings, where she can witness patients continuing their recovery journeys.

Patti lives on Galveston Bay. Anything on or around water is her happy place.