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Direction signs on the La Hacienda campus

There’s a Lot of Hope in Reunion 2019 Theme

Caption: Alumni probably won’t need the direction sign to find their way around at Reunion in May.

By Chris Raymer, Recovery Community Director

‘We have recovered, and have been given the power to help others.’

This is one of my favorite lines in the Big Book™ (page 132). A bunch of us were at a birthday meeting recently at The Outpost, and one of our alumni celebrants read it from the podium. Made me smile. So much hope in that sentence!

That line is also the theme of this year’s Alumni Reunion, May 3-5.

Chris Raymer
Chris Raymer, La Hacienda Recovery Community Director

I can’t wait! This will be my first Reunion since I returned to work at La Ha. They were the highlight of my first 17 years here. Couldn’t wait for the first weekend in May. (Always anxiously checking the weather reports nonstop before that weekend–praying for no rain!)

Late Friday afternoon we would watch as the Alumni came walking up the hill to registration. Overwhelming to see all the miracles sign in for the weekend’s events. Remember, we saw you come in the first time, some of you nearly dead. All of you pretty beat up. Now we get to watch a changed person smiling from ear to ear. Better than any dope I know of!

The Sunday morning Alumni meeting on the lawn (photograph above) was always my favorite. Listening to y’all share how God had worked in your lives, encouraging our current patients to not give up. We have truly been given the power to help others! It doesn’t get any better.

The Alumni Department has lined up fine speakers, and we are already praying for good weather.

Spring in the Hill County is pretty special. Wildflowers will be in bloom, and the tourists will be here in force. Make hotel reservations NOW! If you wait until the last minute, you may be camping with the mosquitos (insert laughter).

Start calling your litter mates and making plans for this one. Sure going to be fun seeing you folks again!