Alumni Reunion 2019 Overcomes Stormy Start

John SniffenAlumni Reunion, La Hacienda

Rainbow over La Hacienda after Friday evening storm during Reunion 2019. (Photo by Elizabeth Olson)

Photo – Rainbow over La Hacienda after Friday evening storm during Reunion. (Photo by Elizabeth Olson) Despite a stormy beginning, at least 275 persons – alumni, family, and friends – enjoyed Reunion 2019 on May 3-5. Friday evening’s high winds, torrential rain, and lightning forced folks into the Bodega for the opening session and washed out the bonfire by the … Read More

Reunion 2019 T-shirts are Here!

John SniffenLa Hacienda

Dale Trees and Sherri Layton show the Reunion 2019 t-shirt

Alumni Support Representative Dale Trees and Outpatient Services Administrator Sherri Layton display the commemorative t-shirts that will be on sale at Reunion 2019 this coming weekend at La Hacienda. Be sure and get yours early!

A Former Patient on Reunion

John SniffenAlumni Reunion, La Hacienda

A Former Patient on Reunion

It’s only a week before Reunion, so we’re sharing the reflection above from a former patient about why it is important to them. If you haven’t made plans to attend, you can still come; just get here. And bring a friend or family. For more information click here.

Slip Away to Hunt in May

John SniffenAlumni Reunion, La Hacienda

Airplane in a painted rock created by a former patient.

Not all of the patient-painted rocks at La Hacienda are just stones and color, nor or they all on the ground. You never know where you will find them or what new messages they will offer. In addition to the tiny metal airplane, this rock wedged in the limbs of a Serenity Hill cedar tree also contains the now-faded first … Read More

No Foolin’, the Counselors Want to See Alumni

John SniffenAlumni Reunion

Counselors look forward to Reunion 2019

Photo: These counselors and more are looking forward to visiting with alumni on Saturday morning, May 4, during Reunion 2019. We’re a little more than a month away from Alumni Reunion 2019, and the La Hacienda clinical staff would like to remind you that they’re looking forward to seeing you. Time is set aside from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday … Read More

Return to Where Recovery Started

John SniffenAlumni Reunion

The LaHa deer reminds you it's time to plan for Reunion 2019.

As Charlotte Safir says, it’s a joy “watching the miracle of people who return to celebrate where their recovery started” during Reunion. We are looking forward to seeing each one you walking miracles coming up the hill to the Big Tent on Friday afternoon of Reunion weekend. The only reservation needed to participate is for a place to stay during … Read More

There’s a Lot of Hope in Reunion 2019 Theme

John SniffenAlumni Reunion, La Hacienda

Direction signs on the La Hacienda campus

Caption: Alumni probably won’t need the direction sign to find their way around at Reunion in May. By Chris Raymer, Recovery Community Director ‘We have recovered, and have been given the power to help others.’ This is one of my favorite lines in the Big Book™ (page 132). A bunch of us were at a birthday meeting recently at The … Read More