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Telling Yourself the Truth Book Review La Hacienda Treatment Center

Book Review: Telling Yourself the Truth

Telling Yourself the Truth Book Review La Hacienda Treatment Center
In this book, Telling Yourself the Truth, Backus and Chapian delve into the beliefs and misbeliefs we feed ourselves. The book poses the questions: “What am I really telling myself?” “Are my attitudes and thoughts consistent with what is actually going on around me?” “Am I mindful of the poison I may be feeding myself?” “And what effect does this have on my life as a whole?”

Telling Yourself the Truth offers a new perspective on God’s wishes for you through scripture, misbelief therapy, and practical tools that you can use to better your thought-life. By listening to the words you tell yourself, arguing with those words, and replacing them with the truth, you can find new meaning in your understanding of God’s vision for you.

More often than not, we have been raised with misbeliefs about the way we should think, feel, and behave that might have worked when we were children, but do not hold truth or relevance to our lives as adults. Misbeliefs can bind us in ways that limit our livelihood, diminish our freedom, and limit our ability to have healthy, happy relationships. We say we can’t do this because of this. But have you ever questioned the origin of those statements you tell yourself?

God wants us to live in freedom and prosperity. He wants us to move freely in our lives and become our most fruitful selves. In the Bible, God gives many clues to his true desire for his children to be free human beings. But due to the lies we tell ourselves, it may feel like that is not the case. Your upbringing may have taught you that to be a good Christian your thoughts, actions, and feelings must look a certain way. These misbeliefs, however, can be changed with the simple tools fantastically resourced in this book. Included, in the back of the book, are handy study guides to accompany each chapter’s self-reflection, and learning prompts.

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