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David Hutts Loves Interacting with People

On first impression, people may think David Hutts is reserved. Our Austin-based Business Development Specialist is actually the opposite.

David loves getting to know people and to hear their stories. He usually finds a way to connect with them on some level. It’s been important to his work.

“Most of my career had been spent in marketing and special event planning,” he says. “I love interacting with people.”

While planning special events for two bookstores, he met a fascinating array of celebrities, including Dolly Parton, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Walter Cronkite, Anne Rice, John Grisham and Ray Bradbury.

Uses Skills for Recovery

After confronting his addiction, in recovery David discovered that he could continue his work and help others find addiction treatment and hope at the same time.

“I had no idea that I could combine my passion for recovery with marketing skills. Now I have been in the field for seven years, three with La Hacienda.”

Statewide Involvement

In recovery he has also been heavily involved in working with other professionals in the field.

“My mentor [Marsha Robinson] told me to get involved with Austin TAAP [Texas Association of Addiction Professionals] when I first started in the business development field, so I did.”

He volunteered many years for the Austin Symposium, then was asked to serve as vice president of Austin TAAP. For the last two years was the chapter’s president and is a board member of the statewide organization.

Travels With Charley

David and Charley

In his free time, David takes his cairn terrier Charley for daily walks. The well-trained canine companion knows several words including, “walk, treat, go in the car,” and his least favorite, “bath.”

David also likes to read mystery novels. His favorite authors include Sue Grafton, Mickey Spillane, Christopher Moore and David Sedaris.

And, lest you still think he is shy, know that David likes a good games night. He is active with three separate gaming groups. 

“I am very competitive,” he emphasizes.

Works Out of La Hacienda’s Solutions

David has an office in La Hacienda’s Solutions at 11110 Metric Blvd., Building 8, Suite B, Austin, TX 78758. He can be reached by phone at (512) 431-2416.

The Business Development Team, led by Director Elizabeth Olson, also has representatives based in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.