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Chris Herren poses with La Hacienda's Cade Saurage after Herren's presentation at Tivy High School.

Former Pro Basketball Player Herren Speaks to Kerrville Youth

Caption: Addiction Speaker Chris Herren poses with Cade Saurage after Kerrville appearance.

Former professional basketball player Chris Herren urged more than 1,400 students at Kerrville’s Tivy High School not to get involved with drugs and alcohol during an October 12 speech.

La Hacienda was one of the community supporters for the Recovery Month event, which was also livestreamed to other area high schools.

Herren emphasized the importance of living the best life a person is capable of living and being a good role model for others.

What would he do if he found that any of his three children started using drugs or alcohol?

“I would hug them and ask them, ‘Please tell me why?’” he said. “What is going on that makes you do this to yourself.”

The Herren Project

Herren, who was a college basketball star before playing professionally, has been alcohol– and drug-free since 2008. He travels to schools around the country to talk about substance abuse.

He founded “The Herren Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families affected by addiction. In 2012 it started a national campaign, Project Purple, to encourage people of all ages to avoid misuse of drugs and alcohol.

Cade Saurage, La Hacienda’s Director of Utilization Review & Strategic Partnerships, helped organize the event, which was sponsored by the Lotus Recovery Foundation.