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Reunion Success and a BIG thank you!

2013 La Hacienda Alumni Reunion
On behalf of the Alumni Services team I would like to thank everyone who attended and helped make the 2013 reunion a success. The bonfire meeting was back and a huge hit. We were all very grateful to have a real bonfire. We received a lot of positive feedback about the move back to May, and we could not have had more beautiful spring weather!

We had a sobriety countdown Saturday afternoon as part of the birthday meeting and there were 877 years of sobriety represented by those there! We gave a 23 year chip to one of our alumni and 11 desire chips on Sunday morning. Many celebrated their sobriety birthdays on Saturday.  Ernie, David and Marty were fantastic.  We are so grateful they told their stories.

The reunion is truly a team effort by too many people to mention. We are so grateful for all the help we received from staff, as well as our 25 or so community volunteers. So, THANK YOU ONE AND ALL for your contribution!