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Stockings on the fireplace

Start a Healthier Life This Holiday Season

Christmas stockings for Strength, Hope, Faith, Believe and One Day at a Time hang in the Dining Room.

You’re thinking, “I need to go in for help, but it’s almost Christmas. I don’t want to miss the holiday with my family. I’ll go after New Year’s.”

Let’s look at that reasoning for a moment.

Addiction is an illness. It doesn’t get better the longer you wait. It goes with you where you go. It impacts your interaction with others.

How was your last holiday with the family?  Did your substance use disorder cause problems?

The COVID-19 Factor

In addition to addiction, this year there’s a second disease in the mix: COVID-19.

COVID is causing a lot of stress and depression, factors that increase the use of alcohol and drugs. If you’re at La Hacienda, they’re not available. The temptation is removed. Instead you will have the encouragement of both staff and fellow patients to stay sober.

We’re taking extra precautions because of the pandemic.  We want to maintain our mission of providing the best treatment possible.

A Community of Care

While entering treatment during the holidays may separate you from loved ones you know, you’re going to find a new community. You will meet people—both patients and staff– who share your struggle and will become like new family.

“This place is truly amazing and full of hope and joy, especially within the community,” wrote one former patient. “I felt very loved and taken care of …  I was really scared but was accepted with open arms and truly felt a part [of the community].”

What about the Turkey?

Thanksgiving and Christmas is not the same without turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie. You don’t want to miss the feast!

Pies, cakes and more for dessert!

You won’t. Our dining services staff prepares sumptuous holiday spreads that will leave you wanting for nothing but more space to fill. You want salmon? It’s there.  How about prime rib? They’ve got it. And side dishes, salads, and desserts galore.

“The Christmas feast was amazing!” said another former patient. “The whole Christmas week was special from the cookie decorating to the snacks after the AA meeting on Christmas Eve to the feast! It made us all feel very respected and loved.”

It’s a good thing La Hacienda’s beautiful grounds have lots of room for post-dinner walking.

A Better 2021

This holiday season celebrate the start of a new, healthier life with new friends who know what you’ve been through and want to help you start on the road to recovery.

Make the start. Heal your body. Learn the program.

With your health improved, you will be better able to deal with the stresses of these times. And hopefully, we’ll soon reach a better situation in controlling the pandemic.

Then you can have good times with family and friends. You will be surprised to find how much you can enjoy life without drugs or alcohol.

Do it for yourself and for those you love. Call and talk to an on-campus Admissions Specialist now at 800-749-6160.