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Tvzi Heber talks with Cade Saurage

Treatment Team Learns about Jewish Traditions

Photo: Tzvi Heber talks with Cade Saurage, Director of Utilization Review & Strategic Partnerships

To help our La Hacienda treatment team better prepare to assist people from many cultures and faiths, knowledgeable professionals from a variety of backgrounds meet with staff.

“As opportunity allows, we enjoy hearing speakers from various cultures present on both the challenges and resources involved in engaging patients in recovery,” said Clinical Services Director Janet Blackburn.

For example, Tzvi Heber, CEO at Ascendant in New York City, talked recently with staff to improve their understanding of and sensitivity to Jewish beliefs and practices.

He addressed topics such as kosher foods and keeping the sabbath, and provided a resource list for information and contacts about Judaism.

Talk About the Issues Early

Tzvi encouraged the staff to address issues during pre-admission discussions with patients.

“Even if you are not of the same religion, you can talk with patients about their concerns regarding treatment.”

Ascendant NY is a medically supervised detox facility in Manhattan. Tzvi started working in addiction treatment in California and joined Ascendant last fall.         

“Tzvi’s presentation was highly informative and personally engaging,” said Janet. “His passion for his people–and for all who suffer from addiction–are both inspiring and contagious.”