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Winning the Game

American Football on Field
I first attended the huddle in 1974. I attended a 12-step meeting. I was attracted to the cheerleaders, but quickly fumbled and stepped out of bounds. I was intercepted years later by my wife and stepped back into the huddle knowing little of how to play by the rules. After a few years of not reading the playbook or having a real coach I was sidelined by injuries. I fumbled often and spent most of my time out of bounds. I was distracted by the many self-appointed quarterbacks in the huddle.

In 1989 I attended a training center, obtained a personal coach and read the playbook often. I played by the rules, learned that when you are at the kickoff if you hit your knees you get to start on the twenty. This makes it a lot easier to score a touchdown. I scored goal after goal and touchdown after touchdown. This went on for fifteen years until I focused way too heavily on a tight end. When she became a wide receiver for another team I was sidelined by injuries vowing never to return to the game.

I was intercepted by some fellow team members after being way out of bounds and taken once more to a training center. This time I learned that in the huddle there is only one thing that matters. The Head Coach as he may express himself. Today I have a personal coach who has a personal coach. I get on my knees after every kickoff and score a touchdown every night. I read the playbook every day and follow the rules incurring very few penalties. I do however; have to listen in the huddle to see what the next play is.

Keith S.
Kerrville, Texas

1. The Game – Life
2. The Huddle – Meetings
3. Fumble – Relapse
4. Self-appointed Quarterback – Know-it-all
5. Coach – Sponsor
6. Head Coach – God or Higher Power
7. Training Center – Treatment
8. Kickoff – Morning Meditation
9. Tight end – Cute girl/guy
10. Wide receiver – One who cheats
11. Touchdown – Head on pillow sober
12. Interception – Intervention
13. Goal – Sobriety/Helping others
14. Playing by the Rules – 12 Steps
15. Out of bounds – Full blown selfish use and behavior
16. Playbook – Big Book
17. Penalties – Consequences
18. Cheerleaders – Cute sober girls
19. Sidelined by injuries – quitting due to emotional harm


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