Adult Chemical Dependency Recovery Program

Adult Chemical Dependency Recovery Program

Adult Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Group Counseling

Successful treatment of alcoholism and other drug addictions is rooted in the immersion of a 12-Step Program and solid counseling administered by a competent and empathetic staff.

At La Hacienda Treatment Center, we believe that in order for an individual with alcohol or drug problems to find sobriety the following must be achieved:

  • Correction of distorted thinking and breakdown of the denial system
  • Recognition of the need for change; acceptance of the tools for change
  • Motivation to utilize these tools on a daily basis

In order to attain this end, La Hacienda’s Core Recovery Program provides a number of therapeutic modalities to both educate the patient and to allow the processing of painful feelings in a nurturing environment.

The various treatment modalities include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Didactic groups
  • Therapeutic activities Including a ROPES course
  • Big Book Studies
  • On and off campus 12-Step meetings
  • Interactive therapeutic milieu