Bronwyn Haynes

Bronwyn Haymes | La Hacienda

Business Office Coordinator

For Bronwyn Haynes, her most rewarding role as Business Office Coordinator is seeing first-hand that “amazing change” in patients.

“The best part of my job is being one of the first people that they see when they walk in, and then getting to see them when they discharge. It’s really cool getting to see that amazing change. That is the biggest blessing.”

Bronwyn joined La Hacienda in 2023, moving from the East Coast where she attended art school. Her duties here include billing and collection, admitting new patients, and sharing the story of her personal journey. Having been through recovery herself has made her more empathetic to recovery in others.

“There is not always enough time, but it’s important making that time with each person. For me, being in sobriety can help with allowing them to be heard.”

Besides her ability to listen, she lists “willingness and patience” as key skills.

“Patience is what I think I bring the most to this position, because while doing admissions it is the one thing that allows me to connect and offer that initial support.”

Outside of work, Bronwyn continues to pursue her art, working mostly with oils and acrylics. She also spends a lot of her free time “just cuddling” with her dog.

Still in the early part of her career, Bronwyn feels she has accomplished many of the goals and dreams in her life, and is now happy “riding the wave.”

“I just end up in the places that I need to be and find joy and contentment in that, in scenarios that I would never have dreamed I could flourish. Ultimately, I’m just doing what has brought me into really good places like La Hacienda. We’re just seeing what happens from here.”