Donna Stube

Donna Stube | La Hacienda

Continuing Care Coordinator

Sometimes it is as straightforward as the Case Managers telling Donna what their patient needs, and then following those guidelines. But every patient is different, so treatment is different for every patient.

“A big part of each case is doing the research, to find the best resources for that patient’s situation. So I’ll do the research on it, then I set all those appointments for those patients to help them get the help they need.”

Donna responsibility runs through the entire course of treatment, from initial intake, to ongoing care, and after-care. It’s a big responsibility that requires not only organization, but also an understanding of what each patient is experiencing. Donna draws on her personal rehab journey to relate with them.

“I was hard-headed, so I bring that to the table. I get to talk with patients who are hard-headed. I can say, hey, that was me. I didn’t want to do it either. But I can get down in the trenches and crawl through that with them.”

The South Carolina native “used to live in the outdoors” while working on a reality TV show. That plays a part in how she feels about her career and her personal life today.

“I look at things differently. I was kind of shut down. If something would come up, I didn’t want to talk about it. Today, I want to talk about it. So I learned.”

Donna came to the Hill Country in 2018 and has worked at La Hacienda since 2021. In her free time, she still loves the outdoors, loves to run and hike, and to spend time with her puppy or hanging out with friends.

“I can see a sunset, and it feels different. It looks different. I used to not appreciate those things. And today, it’s a lot different. Doing this job keeps me right where I need to be. I love what I do so much.”