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Chris Raymer, Recovery Community Director

Raymer Now Directing Alumni Program

The homecoming is complete. Chris Raymer, who created and lead the Alumni program for 17 years during his first tenure at La Hacienda, is once again its leader as of September 1.

“Chris is one of the most passionate people I know about helping patients find the solution,” says Elizabeth Olson, Director of Business Development. “He loves getting to call alumni and he remembers them all, and that blows me away.”

A Dream Come True

When Chris returned to La Hacienda after an eight-year absence in December 2018, he said it fulfilled an aspiration. He has served almost two years as Recovery Community Director.

Resuming his former job makes the return even more satisfying.

“Getting to come back to La Ha was a blessing. Getting to work back at my old position is a dream come true! I’ve always had a huge love for our alumni.”

Chris leads the team of Clay Eaton, Dale Trees, and Sabine Kuenzel as they continue to support alumni striving to stay in recovery during one of the most severe health crises in recent history.

The Alumni staff – Chris, Sabine, Dale and Clay – ready to serve thousands of former patients.

“They are all so incredibly talented,” says Elizabeth. “They are a gift to this facility.”

Pandemic Challenges Communication

As with most things in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has made working with alumni around the state more difficult.

“It has made staying in touch a bit harder,” says Chris. “We are gradually learning new ways to stay in touch with our folks who just left, and reconnecting with our older alumni.”

“Our goal has always been to serve our patients after discharge. Connecting them to strong recovery out in the real world, and to be a resource for their sustained spiritual growth will continue to be our main goal.”

Staff Making Follow-up Calls

One change already in effect is that the Alumni staff are making the follow-up calls to recent patients.

“We are calling one week out and 90 days out and making the one-year follow-up calls. It’s a great way for us to stay connected,” says Chris.

The calls show up as “Esperanza Health” on alumni’s caller id screens. And he has a further bit of advice.

“Empty your voicemail so we can leave you a message!”

Former patients are also always welcome to call our Alumni staff whenever they need to reach out.

“Y’all don’t have to wait to hear from us. You can call anytime! Leave us a message, and we will call you back if we miss you,” says Chris.