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Bath Salts

A new and dangerous designer drug called “bath salts” is making a deadly splash across the United States. The small packets of powder with a cocaine-like texture contain the powerful stimulants methedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone, also called MDPV. Sold legally in most states, bath salts are disguised under clever names such as Red Dove, Bliss, Blue Silk, Zoom, Bloom, Cloud Nine, Ocean Snow, Lunar Wave, Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave, White Lightning, Scarface and Hurricane Charlie. Most users generally snort the substance, but some smoke, drink, eat, or inject it. The chemicals in bath salts are considered poisonous and not fit for human consumption; these same chemicals are found in certain types of plant food, pond scum cleaner, and insecticides. Use of MDPV has been attributed to suicides only a few days after use.

There is currently no test that detects this drug, yet the symptoms of bath salt abuse include agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, high blood pressure, increased pulse rate and suicidal tendencies. Eyewitnesses and family members who come in contact with a person who is high on bath salts describe the users as “flipping out,” having a “horrible trip” and acting “psychotic”. Many commit acts of violence or physically harm themselves and are convinced that demons, aliens, and monsters are out to get them. Because bath salts are legal, easily attainable, and are not traceable through drug testing, those with a history of previous drug addictions are vulnerable to bath salt addiction.

The MDPV found in bath salts makes this drug highly addictive in spite of its side effects. Contrary to its benign sounding name, bath salts are as dangerous as cocaine and meth. An untreated addiction or a bad “trip” on bath salts can be fatal.

Bath Salt Recovery

Many users of bath salts are unable to stop their cravings without detoxification and intervention. La Hacienda Treatment Center offers a comprehensive program to help one recover from bath salt addiction and abuse. Utilizing the skills of trained professionals, 12-Step support groups, intensive therapy and life management skills, together we can help you or your loved one guard against relapse.