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Holidays are good time to start recovery

’Tis the Season to Recover

Few Christmas wish lists include spending the holidays in treatment for addiction, but some should, says Dr. James Boone, Director of Medical Services at La Hacienda.

“When I started working here in November 2004, I had little personal experience with persons suffering from addiction. Going into that first holiday season, I remember thinking, ‘Gosh, I would hate to be away from home during the holidays.’”

Back then, he agreed with the classic New Year’s Resolution: “Let me get through the holidays, and then if I can, I’ll get treatment.”

Fifteen years caring for patients here have given him a new perspective: “Those people who need help, they need help now.”

James Boone, MD, Medical Director, La Hacienda Treatment Center
James Boone, MD, Medical Director, La Hacienda Treatment Center

The Best Gift for All Concerned

One reason to choose treatment is that being “home for the holidays” may be worse for all concerned.

“Holidays at home for someone suffering from an addiction are usually not good times,” says Dr. Boone. “It seems like every other commercial is for alcohol, and there is greater access to it. Also, with more time off there is often heavier drug use.”

In the spirit of giving, being absent this season may be for the best.

“I can’t think of a better possible gift to one’s family than getting your life turned around during this time of year,” says Dr. Boone.

Some Logical Aspects Why the Timing is Right

He notes practical aspects why getting treatment at the end of the year is the right choice.

Patients may have met their annual deductibles on insurance and co-pays. There will be less out-of-pocket expense.

They may have accumulated sick pay and time off from work left over for the calendar year. Some employers close between Christmas and New Year’s, so workers have the time off. It may even be part of their paid time off.

If you or a loved one needs treatment, don’t put it off. Call and talk with one of our on-campus Admissions specialists today.

Starting recovery at La Hacienda may be the best holiday experience possible.

Five reasons to choose treatment during the holidays.

  • Addiction jeopardizes the quality of time spent with family and may fuel a volatile situation with family members. Starting recovery puts you on the road to better times with friends and family when you can enjoy future holidays.
  • Being in treatment removes the temptations to drink or use, and you have the fellowship of community. Whether in advertising or at social affairs, alcohol is omnipresent in society during the holidays. And with more time off, there’s risk of increased drug use.
  • It’s a good choice. Consider the risks of not receiving help during the holidays, then compare them to the benefits. Imagine waking up clear-headed and feeling good on Christmas morning and New Year’s Day.
  • In addition to being life-changing, treatment before the beginning of the year may save you money. With annual deductibles satisfied, co-pays may be less, and you can use accumulated paid time off for the waning year.
  • La Hacienda celebrates the holidays. Patients are part of a community that engages in special activities together. And our dining staff goes above and beyond, serving delicious holiday meals that rival—dare we say, surpass–the best homemade traditional fare.

Advice from La Hacienda staff that may be useful when considering holiday season treatment: