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Janet Blackburn at Meier Clinic

Networking Serves Our Patients’ Needs

PHOTO: Director of Clinical Services Janet Blackburn talks to counselors and pastoral caregivers about Identifying and treating Substance Use Disorders during a “lunch and learn” event at the Meier Clinic in Dallas.

“Together We Are Stronger,” says the 2019 Recovery Month theme. La Hacienda–and many reputable treatment centers around the country–operate daily based on that belief.

“The key is finding what each patient needs,” says Director of Business Development Elizabeth Olson. “We work with them, their loved ones and others to discover what treatment best fits each individual.”

Our staff is continuously in conversation with a wide variety of people who work with those impacted by substance use disorders: therapists, doctors, attorneys, educational consultants, interventionists, probation officers, judges, churches, other treatment centers, and alumni. From these come referrals of men and women who need care.

Similarly, after treatment, La Hacienda staff make use of a network of verified contacts and organizations which can best help patients stay in recovery. These may include extended care facilities, intensive outpatient programs, sober living homes, or college and university recovery organizations.

Referrals to Other Treatment Centers

La Hacienda is not the best choice for every patient seeking hel, but we still want them to get the care they need.

Todd Benedict, Admission Outreach Specialist

“If they call our admission office but are not a good fit, we look for an appropriate facility,” says Admission Outreach Specialist Todd Benedict. “These facilities come from a list of places we have vetted, know and trust.”

Some of this vetting process occurs when representatives from other providers, treatment specialists, and recovery centered organizations visit the Hunt campus to learn more about La Hacienda. Likewise, our staff visit other treatment centers to learn more about them.

Partnering with Insurance Providers

La Hacienda supports the concept of working in partnership with insurance companies and finding ways to pioneer better outcomes while creating a simpler reimbursement process.

Cade Saurage, Director of Utilization Review and Strategic Partnerships
Cade Saurage, Director of Utilization Review and Strategic Partnerships

“Historically, providers have felt the need to engage in confrontation to support patients rather than seek compromise,” says Cade Saurage, Director of Utilization Review and Strategic Partnerships. “If insurances believe their members get better under your care, then they will value the relationship the same way you do.”

“It’s a matter of spending the time having those necessary conversations to establish rapport and then taking the action to support whatever mission was identified.”

Connecting People and Sharing Knowledge

“We also connect people with other people,” says Elizabeth. “If an organization comes to us for the first time, and we realize that their function can benefit from connecting with another organization which which we are familiar, we connect them.”

“We see ourselves as connectors, trying to work together with others as a team.”

Some of the relationships initiated by La Hacienda involve professional groups which can benefit from our experience and knowledge. These include counselors, first responder organizations and nurse practitioners.

“Our network is everyone,” she adds. “Anyone who has someone in their life who might be struggling with chemical dependency.”

Connecting through Professional Organizations

La Hacienda and its staff are active in several professional associations which assist with training and policy advocacy in the treatment field. At the state level, there’s the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP), which is a part of the national Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC).

Also, La Hacienda has long been active in the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP). La Hacienda Executive Director Art VanDivier serves on its board and recently completed a two-year term as chairman.