La Hacienda Partners with The Law Office of Patrick O’fiel

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  There is a new movement taking place….a Recovery Movement. Currently in Washington, the War on Drugs has been sidelined for a new approach…..Addiction Treatment. With our legal system trying to work with the recovery community for a new solution to an age-old problem, Hill Country Attorney at Law Patrick O’fiel is taking it head on. La Hacienda Treatment Center … Read More

First Responder Seminar-Training-Workshop

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Detective Monica Only As La Hacienda continues to grow in understanding and development of a multi-dimensional approach to effectively treating first responders, experts in the field are being brought in to train with our treatment team. Criminal Investigations Detective Monica Only of the City of Orlando Police Department will be conducting a hands-on seminar/training on Thursday, November 7th on campus … Read More

Happy Holloween

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Happy Holloween from La Hacienda Treament Center! #laharecovery #Holloween #Holloweencostume

The Anonymous People

La HaciendaLa Hacienda

La Hacienda Treatment Center is proud to co-sponser the showing of “The Anonymous People” with The Blue Lotus House and Schreiner University. The event will take place on November 8, 2013 at the Schreiner Auditorium. Show Times begin at 6pm and 8pm. Contacts: Cade Saurage at or (830)285-3268 Nikki Saurage at or (830)481-7406 Download the flyer here. #laharecovery

My Thoughts for the Day!!

Kaye SmithSpirituality and Recovery

I’ve been known to express deep feelings of hatred for change but today I’m experiencing something completely different. I am excited! Reflecting on my life shows me that through each major change in my life I’ve grown closer to God. It’s so easy to trust him when everything is going my way! How funny? When everything is going my way … Read More

He Said – She Said

Cade SaurageBig Book

As part of the La Hacienda Community Outreach Speaker Tour, Cade Saurage – Speaking @ Dallas Nikki Saurage – Speaking @ Austin Their stories match, but not necessarily their perceptions….what a wild ride! #laharecovery

Morning Meditation….What’s your ritual?

La HaciendaSpirituality and Recovery

Kimberly Davila (Community Outreach Specialist): Each morning before anyone is up, I put on my meditation music and sit still for 15 min on a pillow on the floor in our study. This is my time to talk to God and ask for guidance that day and his will. Now having Olivia (my daughter), I share with her my daily … Read More