Shad Loeffler, LPC, LCDC, Continuing Care Coordinator, La Hacienda Treatment Center

Josh lives energetically. Unfortunately, the New Braunfels native also drank and used in the same manner. “I took things to extremes, and my drinking and drug use were no different.” He first entered treatment at 17, soon relapsed, and “things got really miserable.” He rebounded, however, became sober when 18, and has been clean since 2017. He feels his experience is helpful when speaking to other young people considering treatment. “The cool thing I can tell people about recovery is that being sober doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and do the things you enjoy. It means the opposite actually. The moment that I got sober was the moment that I truly started to live life. Going to concerts and hanging out with friends is more enjoyable when you’re able to be present and in the moment. Life becomes more enjoyable, all around.” Josh has been with La Hacienda since October 2019. He loves music, especially rock. “Music probably saved my life. When things got really dark, and I felt no one was listening, music resonated with me and made me feel like I wasn’t alone.”