Hailey Olden Gorang

Hailey Olden Gorang

Activities Therapy Assistant

Activities Therapy Assistant Hailey Olden Gorang started working at La Hacienda in 2018. Born and raised in Kerrville, she holds dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Kinesiology and Biology from Our Lady of The Lake University in San Antonio.

Her training and education mesh well with the Activities Therapy Program which provides patients experiential therapy meant to help build trust, and improve communication skills, decision-making, and group cooperation.

Breaking Down Barriers

The program provides a ROPES course, weight room, exercise programs, swimming pool and walking trail for patients. The ROPES course is Hailey’s favorite.

“Working on the ROPES course is so gratifying. Many people walk onto our course filled with doubt, lacking confidence, distrustful, or fearful. I get to be a part of assisting and supporting them through the process of getting past those barriers.”

“In activities therapy I can apply my knowledge in human anatomy and physiology to help our patients improve their physical well-being and start a new fitness journey in recovery.”

Take Advantage of the Moment

Working at La Hacienda has helped Hailey better understand the benefits of taking advantage of each moment. “Every minute in our lives is fleeting. My work has taught me to be present, to put my all into what I do, and to be grateful in these small moments.”

“La Hacienda is a place of positive action and forward movement. Being able to be a part of and watch positive change within the individuals who walk through our doors fills my cup and inspires me to continue to pursue my goals.”

An Active Lifestyle

Hailey played soccer in college but has hung up her cleats for sand volleyball, pickle ball and other sports.

She also has an artistic side. “My father, grandfather, and aunt all played a role in connecting me with artistic expression. While I may not be the best at it, I use it as a way to relax and de-stress.”

She and her husband, Ben, married during the Texas snow and ice storm of February 2021. Despite the tumultuous times, their relationship has persevered. “We have overcome many obstacles together in the time we have been together. I truly couldn’t have chosen a better life partner.”

They have a Husky named Ava, who was found roaming around La Hacienda. Hailey got in touch with the dog’s owners who said they didn’t want her. “Ben told me to bring her home. She has blended well into our little family and seems to love our active lifestyle.”