Ryan Stump

Ryan Stump

Ryan Stump | Information Systems Manager | La Hacienda

Information Systems Manager

Ryan Stump, who joined the La Hacienda team in March 2021, oversees the Information Systems Department that ensures our computer networks, hardware and software properly support the treatment program. Ryan and two assistants maintain the systems on the Hunt residential campus and intensive outpatient program offices in Austin and College Station. As Information Systems Manager, he is also responsible for compliance with HIPPA Security requirements. He makes sure security systems are in place to maintain the privacy and integrity of patient and business records.

“I like troubleshooting things,” he says. “Working as a team, we often find there’s more than one way to accomplish things. That’s when you learn.”

Started with Computers When He Was Young

Ryan’s father worked with computers in the military. As a result, Ryan has used computers since he was seven years old. His home computer in 1975 was the size of a walk-in closet and programmed with punch cards. Over the years, he witnessed the progression to current operating systems and increased his knowledge of computers through classes in junior high, high school, and college. After doing undergraduate work at Texas A&M and Sam Houston State, Ryan earned two master’s degrees, one through KWU while working for Samsung in Austin and the second in information systems through the University of Phoenix.

Designing Infinitesimally Small Microchips

Ryan has experience in management and as a design engineer. For 20 years, he was employed at Samsung’s semiconductor plant in Austin. Working as a design engineer for eight years, he had “a lot of fun” producing microscopically small chips. “In an environment 300 times cleaner than a surgery room, we designed and mass-produced computer chips,” he says. “They are tiny pieces that do lots of work. Some were .018 of a micron–like little pin dots—and had 63 levels deep in circuitry.”

Lost His Career to Alcoholism

Like many who suffer from the disease, alcoholism changed the dynamics of Ryan’s life. “I drank my family and my career away,” he says. “There were consequences to my choices.” Faced with those negative results, he got into recovery and worked his way back, rebuilding family connections and starting a new career.

Put God and Recovery First

Sober since August 15, 2010, Ryan started recovery by establishing a new order in his life. “I know If I put God and my recovery first, God opens doors. And that’s what it’s done for me. Now I can be dependable for both my family and my employment.” “I’ve experienced pretty much everything but death, and what is cool about recovery is that you get to live two lives in one lifetime.”

Born a World Traveler

Because of his father’s military service, Ryan was born in the Philippines then lived in Germany until age 13. His experiences in the US until then were family trips to visit relatives. He ended up graduating from high school in San Antonio. “I got to see a lot of the world. I have friends all over the place,” he notes. He also traveled a lot while working for Samsung. “I went to Korea 16 times for months at a time. I enjoyed it, but it was a bit harder when I had a family to miss.”

Home Life is Important

Ryan lives in San Antonio with his wife, Jacquelin, and has two daughters. He enjoys hiking, rock climbing, woodworking, and building computers. He is not doing it now, but he has also parasailed and parachuted. Contemporary Christian songs, especially albums by Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me, and Lauren Daigle, are his favorite music.