Kratom: Not Worth the Risks

John SniffenLa Hacienda, Treatment Team

The unregulated drug known as kratom is in the news as the general public, scientists, and health officials debate its benefits versus its risks. Dr. Katie McQueen of the La Hacienda medical staff urges potential users to refrain from taking this “natural” drug until more scientific research is done to prove what it does and in what form or dose … Read More

Working the La Hacienda Night Shift

John SniffenLa Hacienda, Treatment Team

Night Charge Nurse Joe Trejo

Photo: Night Charge Nurse Joe Trejo on the steps to the Special Care Unit. As the sun sets and the Hill Country darkens, human activity winds down at La Hacienda. In the Special Care Unit, a smaller nighttime crew replaces the daytime nursing staff. From 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. they tend to patients in the detox unit and respond … Read More

Dr. James Boone to Talk in Kerrville about Addiction

John SniffenLa Hacienda, Treatment Team

Medical Director Dr. James Boone

Dr. James Boone will speak on “Is Addiction a Disease? Substances, Gambling, Food, Sex and Technology –Why Can’t They Just Stop?” during a free public lecture in Kerrville starting at 6 p.m. Monday, July 1 in the auditorium at Kerrville Church of Christ, 1900 Loop 534. Dr. Boone, the Medical Director at La Hacienda, has practiced addiction medicine with his … Read More

Intern Grad Learned Skills and More About Herself

John SniffenLa Hacienda, Treatment Team

Intern program graduate Rachel Kessler and Rocky, her purr-fect patient.

Photo: Rachel Kessler with her “purf-fect patient,” Rocky the cat. For almost four decades La Hacienda has trained chemical dependency counselors while treating addiction and alcoholism. Rachel Kessler is the latest in the long line of women and men to complete intern training here. She ended her two years in the program on April 29 and has passed her state … Read More

Dr. Katie McQueen on Alcohol Awareness

John SniffenLa Hacienda, Treatment Team, Video

Dr. Katie McQueen talks about alcohol awareness

Did you know that more people in America drink too much alcohol than there are Americans who suffer from addiction to alcohol? In this brief video, Dr. Katie McQueen, MD, a member of the medical staff serving La Hacienda Treatment Center, talks about this and other facts regarding alcohol use. To make more people aware of the facts about alcohol … Read More

LaHa Sluggers in Vegas Softball Series

John SniffenLa Hacienda, Treatment Team

Janet Blackburn, Steve Layton and Sherri Layton

Photo: Steve Layton, center, with Clinical Services Director Janet Blackburn (left) and Outpatient Services Administrator Sherri Layton (right). La Hacienda has a reputation for long-serving staff but even the most-dedicated counselors, nurses, doctors, and others eventually feel the need to “get their cake” and retire. On the afternoon of March 12, co-workers filled the Upper Dining Room to share Intern … Read More

Tough Love for Young Men

John SniffenLa Hacienda, Treatment Team

Carol McCarrick, Collegiate Males Case Manager

Carol McCarrick knows rock bottom. She hit there and survived. Now, as La Hacienda’s case manager for male patients in their 20s, she works to help them find their way back. Nothing in recovery is easy, but with young men it’s complicated more by several factors, says Carol. First, there’s the effect of drugs or alcohol on developing minds. “They … Read More

Treatment Team Learns about Jewish Traditions

John SniffenLa Hacienda, Treatment Team

Tvzi Heber talks with Cade Saurage

Photo: Tzvi Heber talks with Cade Saurage, Director of Utilization Review & Strategic Partnerships To help our La Hacienda treatment team better prepare to assist people from many cultures and faiths, knowledgeable professionals from a variety of backgrounds meet with staff. “As opportunity allows, we enjoy hearing speakers from various cultures present on both the challenges and resources involved in … Read More

Chris Raymer Returns to La Hacienda

John SniffenLa Hacienda, Treatment Team

Chris Raymer and Elizabeth Olson at La Hacienda Treatment Center

Photo caption: Chris Raymer and Elizabeth Olson: former instructor and former patient now co-workers at La Hacienda Treatment Center. An old friend is returning to the La Hacienda staff. Chris Raymer, who was Director of Recovery Services when he left in 2010 to pursue other  opportunities, rejoins the staff on December 10 as Recovery Community Director. He will develop programs … Read More